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Foyou medicine today knock gong listed, formally landed on the Main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange

Release time:2022-06-30

On the morning of June 30th, The a-share listing ceremony of Fuyuan Pharmaceutical was held in Beijing CBD. Beijing, Shanghai, Xinchang connection "cloud gong", to witness the trading of Fuyuan pharmaceutical listed this historical moment.

"Health Wan Fuzhi yuan", Foyou medicine with "focus on medical field, create a healthy life" as the mission, with "leading domestic and international well-known large medical health enterprise" as the vision, meticulously medicines and equipment research and development, production, sales of the trinity of core competitive advantages, achieve efficient, leading, make a characteristic, make the company continue to grow stronger. At present, the company's products cover a wide range of areas, outstanding core RESEARCH and development capabilities, a number of patent certification, has a strong competitiveness and high market recognition.

Hu Bofan, chairman of Xinhecheng Holding Group, the actual controller of Fuyuan Pharmaceutical, made a speech. Xinhecheng had dreamed of making medicine since its founding, and its determination to make medicine has a long history and has not changed. Medicine and people's lives are closely related, medicine heal the wounded and rescue the dying, enhance public health, improve the quality of life, is an industry to bring happiness for human beings, is a worthy of our lifetime to engage in the industry. Today, Fuyuan Pharmaceutical is listed on the main board, stepping into a new growth platform and facing new opportunities and challenges. This is not only an important step with milestone significance for the company, but also an important link to usher in development and transformation. As the medical and health business segment of Fuyuan Pharmaceutical Group, Xinhecheng actively fulfills the responsibilities of shareholders, strictly abides by laws and regulations, and fully supports the strategic development decisions of subsidiaries.

Mr. Huanghe, chairman of Fuyuan Pharmaceutical, delivered a speech, warmly welcomed all the guests who witnessed the listing ceremony, and expressed heartfelt thanks to all the leaders and people from all walks of life who cared about the development of Fuyuan Pharmaceutical. Over the years, fuyuan team has braced efforts with one heart and forged ahead hand in hand, striving for high-quality development. This successful listing has laid a solid foundation for the company to achieve leapfrog development. With the implementation of the raised projects, the company will further realize the extension of the product chain and gradually improve the product layout, and the r&d advantages and core competitiveness of innovative drugs and generic drugs will be further consolidated. In the future, the company will strictly comply with the requirements of CSRC and the exchange for standardized operation of listed companies, operate according to law, standardize management, be pragmatic and innovative, and create greater value for customers, employees, shareholders and the society!

Gong sounded, everyone shouted countdown, the big screen appeared stock trading screen, fuyuan medicine successfully listed! The venue resounded with warm applause and a joyous heat wave, and everyone's faces were filled with moving smiles. From today, 601089 stock code officially written into the history of fuyuan development.

Time gives glory to the past, and infinite hope to the future. Fuyuan Pharmaceutical will be full of passion, with lofty career pursuit, with practical actions to become a model of listed enterprises, with excellent performance to return the majority of investors, to make greater contributions to the development of China's pharmaceutical industry, let people live a better life.


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