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The human resources

People with dreams and passions
Develop with talented people who are constantly challenged with open thinking and professional knowledge

Taking "achievement for employees" as the company's talent philosophy, we create space for learning and upgrading, give responsibilities and opportunities, provide a broad platform to realize value, and realize the continuous growth of employees.

Under the guidance of "teacher culture", it takes cultivating talents as its own responsibility, and expects to outshine blue students. At the same time, the company adopts a positive human resources policy to attract and retain excellent talents at home and abroad, and build a talent highland of the company.

Growth path
The training center

It provides a learning platform for all employees of the enterprise, including rich offline courses and e-learning online learning courses.

Talent training Program

In order to cultivate key talents needed by enterprises, we have launched classified training programs such as management trainee training program, reserve cadre training program and professional and technical personnel training program.

Talent development Plan

The company will continue to adhere to the concept of respecting and attaching importance to talents, constantly improve the mechanism of talent training and introduction, establish a high-level professional team, and provide human resources guarantee for the realization of the company's strategic goals. At the same time, a multi-level training system with full participation will be established to optimize the performance appraisal system and promote the common growth of employees and the company.

Does the ship leave

Management trainee + New employee training program

Cultivate key technical and management personnel


Reserve cadre training program

Cultivate and reserve management talents at all levels


Internal lecturer training program

Cultivate internal trainers in various fields of the enterprise

Training for College Students

Including military training, outward bound training, corporate culture and rules and regulations, professional quality courses and a series of centralized training, design two years of continuous tracking and training programs after entry.

New employee orientation

Learn online and offline courses, and arrange experienced employees as mentors for new employees to guide them in their work.

Employee training at different levels

According to the talent development needs of different levels, carry out the corresponding level of curriculum system training.

Job Skill Training

Send out, bring in the way, cultivate and improve the skill level of employees.

Employee benefits

The company advocates the "benefit oriented, performance oriented, contributor-based" concept of pay and distribution, so that people who make contributions to the company get double affirmation in material and spirit. Adhering to the concept of "harmony", constantly improve the welfare of employees, as far as possible to provide employees with superior working and living conditions.

Treatment of employees
Welfare projects
Employees story
Dance association
Karaoke singer contest
Excellent Staff Travel

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